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The pros give their verdict on wavy side hair
The pros give their verdict on wavy side hair
The pros give their verdict on wavy side hair

The pros give their verdict on wavy side hair

Popular with women who like to wear modern yet elegant hairstyles, side hair can be combined with numerous different looks. Some prefer to wear side hair with straight locks for a more urban look, curls for a glamorous feel or tight corkscrew curls for a retro look that is still on-trend. Let’s take a look at the pros’ verdict on retro, wavy side hair.
Side hair has become a key look over the last few seasons. ‘This look is easy to create and gives an original twist to your hairstyle without going overboard. You can wear side hair through the day as well as for an evening do, depending on your individual style.’
Wavy retro curls look great combined with side hair. ‘The mix of the modern side hair style paired with retro waves looks amazing. One of the easiest ways to do effortless chic. Here, this young woman has styled her retro look into something a tad more modern. To make this look work for you, mix and match when it comes to your wardrobe. Pair your sophisticated hairstyle with a more relaxed outfit.’
Although this style is fairly simple to recreate at home, you will get better results if you work with hot hair that has just been dried using the hairdryer. ‘On wet hair, create a side parting on the side of your choice, then separate each side of your hair into two separate sections. This will prevent your curls from being too tight. Roll each section around rollers. Using your hairdryer, blast each roller until dry. Once you have taken out your rollers, take a round barrel brush and gently brush all of your hair to one side of your head. Spray all over with hairspray to keep your retro waves in place.
Our tip: To create more volume at the roots, avoid curling this area. Keep the top section of your head free from curls, and curl from the mid-lengths downwards to give your hair body.
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