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The Pros : dual-tone color
The Pros : dual-tone color
The Pros : dual-tone color
Hair colouring

The Pros : dual-tone color

Dual-tone color treatments are set to be a big trend for this spring. This technique is exclusive to Jean Louis David salons and will add a touch of individuality to your style. Our expert reveals all...
Firstly, what exactly is a dual-tone color anyway? ‘This coloring technique features lighter hues on the upper section of the hair (roots and mid-lengths), whilst the ends and underneath remain a touch darker. This treatment is truly innovative thanks to its darker undertones which are a rarity when it comes to two-tone treatments. Normally, stylists would lighten the hair right down to the ends to add shine and lighten up your whole look whereas the new dual-tone technique plays with shadow to create depth and dimension’.
This technique is perfect for all different hair textures. ‘A layered cut is the best option to really show of your dual-tone color and allows each shade to blend more naturally into the other. It will also add some much-needed volume to your look. Finally, it will cut your styling time considerably thanks to its new-found suppleness. Dual-tone coloring will also encourage movement, whatever your usual styling routine’.
Our advice: Dual-tone coloring works best on a darker base, from chestnut to brunette shades. Once you’ve completed your in-salon treatment, you’ll need to make sure your new color stays vibrant and fresh. Incorporate products from the Color Therapy range into your haircare routine, such as the 100% Color shampoo 2-3 times per week.
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