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The pros discuss the slick ponytail
The pros discuss the slick ponytail
The pros discuss the slick ponytail

The pros discuss the slick ponytail

The ponytail is one of the simplest styles to create, meaning that whatever your hair type or length, you can work this look. Today, the pros are discussing the slick ponytail. Should you try this trend out for size or stick to the classic version? Read on to find out.
The slick ponytail has 2 key elements. ‘The visual effect which opens up the wearer’s face, but also the psychological effect on the person who sees this hairstyle. This type of ponytail instantly makes us think of strong women, working in serious workplaces where hair needs to be tied up in order for us to perform our jobs properly. The slick ponytail creates that hard-working, serious look’.
Try altering your individual style and how you dress when wearing this type of ponytail. Here, the young woman has opted for a fairly masculine outfit, which accentuated her sharp hairstyle. If she had instead decided to wear a floaty dress, the end result would be very different indeed. Are you a fan of this look? Why not try teasing out a few strands, or loosen your ponytail to create a lived-in effect.
You can give your roots added volume by creating a very similar style. ‘Apply a heat-protective spray to hair, then blow dry with a round brush at the roots…a great tip for creating body and volume. Once you have blow dried your roots and created a centre parting, straighten the mid-lengths and ends, leaving your roots alone to preserve volume. If hair still appears flat, try the backcombing technique. When securing your ponytail, be careful not to pull too tightly on your hair, as this can be painful on the scalp’.
Our advice: This style can also be created with wavy and curly hair. The only thing you should keep in mind is a centre parting that is perfectly straight and neat. This easy-to-create look can be softened when created with wavy or curly hair types.
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