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The grungy half-ponytail
The grungy half-ponytail
The grungy half-ponytail

The grungy half-ponytail

The half-ponytail is one of the simplest styles to create. Want to give yours an extra something to spice things up? Vary the effect and give yours grungy undertones. Discover the pros advice on this hairstyle.
The half-ponytail pictured takes direct inspiration from the 40s. ‘The only difference is that the style is not secured. At the rear, hair is straight and hangs loose. At the sides, hair is swept back onto the top of the head and twisted into place. This gives the illusion of hair being tied-up, similar to the styles worn just after the wartime period’.
This style is oh-so simple to create at home. ‘Part your hair to one side, then take a section and start twisting. You should stop this twisting action around half way down the strand, then pin if you need more hold. The look will instantly give you both a stylish and unique finish. Essentially, it’s a modern version of an old classic’.
Stay away from this style if you have a fringe. ‘It’s a great way to open up the face, however the sections that become twisted up above need to be a certain length. Similarly, this look is more suited to soft, thick hair types. Length is crucial!’
Our advice: Why not go all out and copy the make-up look pictured? Edgy eyeshadow prevents your style from looking overly-retro. Here, the mix of styles and eras is perfect!
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO