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The diagonal parting
The diagonal parting
The diagonal parting

The diagonal parting

The parting you choose can change the feel of a hairstyle. Centre-parting, side-parting, zigzag parting or diagonal parting, partings are a great way of changing your cut without going to the hairdresser’s. Here’s a look at the diagonal parting, spotted at Issey Miyake this A/W 2012 for a chic, asymmetric hairstyle.

Who is it for? The diagonal parting looks great on all hair types and all lengths. It adds extra style to a ponytail and a touch of sophistication to a short cut. A parting that brings class and originality to any haircut. You can also use this parting to distribute the volume of your hair more to one side, which is particularly handy having seen the success of side hairstyles! The diagonal parting can also be worn to give height to a large forehead. Finally, for those of you not blessed with thick, full-bodied hair, you’ll be able to subtly cover the thinner areas of your hair once the style is finished.

One parting, many styles. To give your cut a graphic edge, opt for the wet-look diagonal parting. This works on short and long hair, down or up. At Issey Miyake the parting is created on straight hair which is tied in a ponytail. But you could also opt for a chignon. Apply a small amount of styling wax, warm it up in your hands then spread it across either side of your style, at the top of your head only. For a boyish yet sophisticated wet-look style, create your diagonal parting then, using your styling wax again, smooth your hair back. For a more flexible style, create your diagonal parting to add volume to one side. Leave your hair down for a femme fatale effect. Guaranteed effectiveness on long hair!

Create the diagonal parting. To do this you’ll need a tail comb. Start at your forehead and use the bridge of your nose as a point of reference (and starting point). Then continue your parting diagonally. It’s up to you which side you want more volume on!

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO