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The boyish wet look
The boyish wet look
The boyish wet look

The boyish wet look

You all fell in love with the just-back-from-the-beach wet look this summer, and the sophisticated boy cut was a huge hit last winter. So what happens when you mix the two? The boyish wet look is set to be one of this season’s must-have cuts for short hair. 
Male styles from the 20s and 30s. Spotted on the Trussardi catwalk, the boyish wet look reminds us of those ultra-slick hairstyles from the early 20th century. Fixed, sophisticated styles with statement partings and slicked-back hair. Brought back onto the scene by Jean Dujardin in the film “The Artist”, this hairstyle is not just one for the boys...
When trends meet... The aim of this wet look style is to play the sexy mermaid in a natural style. This is an easy hairstyle to create as long as you use your gel or wax sparingly. The boyish cut is a fusion of two styles, feminine and masculine. This means that the cut is short but the result is ultra-feminine.
Create your own slick boyish style. The base of the cut is short, but some length is retained so that you can play around with it. Start by brushing your hair then create a neat side-parting using a comb. Now take your man’s gel or wax, scoop a few dollops into your hand, rub your palms together and apply evenly throughout your hair. Don’t forget the ends. Slick back the thinner side then concentrate on a few pieces, using your hands to create a slight quiff.
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