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Find out which styling product you should use.
Find out which styling product you should use.

Styling products: which consistency should I go for?


Wax, hairspray, gel, mousse... Styling products can be divided into two consistency categories: liquids and those with a thicker consistency. We take a closer look.

In general, two types of styling products are available on the market. Those aimed at women (liquid consistencies) and those aimed at men (the thickest consistencies) which can be categorised depending on the length of the hair that they can style.

Liquid consistencies for styling long locks

These products often have creamy or even liquid formulations which will not weigh the hair down (unless you apply too much product). They are perfectly suited to anything from a bob to long hair.

Amongst them you will find:

• Hairspray: this is a basic must-have item. Whether it is for finishing off your sleek blow-dried style or for fixing any unruly strands sticking out of your chignon. For rushed mornings, apply hairspray onto your comb to perfect your ponytail.
• Mousse: this is the ideal product for shaping curls. However, be careful not to use too much. As it is light and easy to apply, you can tend to put too much on, and give a stiff look to your hairstyle. Apply a small amount to your hair, scrunch your locks with your fingers and repeat the process to style your hair all over.
• Gel: this allows you to get a wet look on short or long hair.
• Salt water spray: this is another variation for a hairstyle with a summer holiday feel. Spritz the product onto your locks and you will get natural-looking waves.

The thickest consistencies for short hair or retro hairstyles

These products allow you to shape short hair and tame any unruly tufts.

Amongst these products you will find:

• Wax: perfect for keeping a natural-looking hair texture (especially if you use a product with a matt finish). Apply it to the tips for a messy-styled look or at the roots to work on your front section or quiff.
• Gel: with this you can dare to try out either a Mohawk or a messy-styled effect. This is the ideal product for fixing movement in place.
• Texturising powder: popular for giving volume to a hairstyle, it is sprinkled on at the roots, ensuring that the hair sticks together well. It's the ideal product for successful backcombing!

Top tip: once you have made your choice between wax, gel or hairspray, make sure you take into account the number written on the product (from 2 to 6 at Jean Louis David). This indicates the hold strength of your styling product.

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