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Sleek blow-drying, on-trend autumn straightening.
Sleek blow-drying, on-trend autumn straightening.

How can hair successfully be blow-dried straight?

After the wavy effect, messy-styled buns and Egyptian braids, now the trend is to have sleek straight tamed locks. Even ultra-straight, with a touch of shine to add glamour. Here is how you can get this star autumn hairstyle: the sleek blow-dry.

Step 1. Moisturise your hair

To add shine to your locks, using products rich in precious oils such as jojoba, argan or date palm is highly recommended. If your hair is dull or damaged, opt for products from Jean Louis David's Liss Therapy range. Enriched in silk proteins and cottonseed oil, they can help to repair, regenerate and nourish for instantly smoother locks. On top of that, they can add light-reflecting properties to your locks and provide your hair with an anti-frizz shield. Being the top student that you are, you have passed the first stage of the perfect sleek blow-dry with flying colours.

Step 2. Straighten your hair

Leave your curling tongs, which give your hair maximum volume, to one side and get your hands on a pair of straighteners. Apply a heat protective spray to prevent your hair from drying out and getting damaged and go over your locks once or twice with your straighteners. Only use them on dry hair. If you have fine hair, do not set the temperature of your straighteners higher than 180°C. To keep your hair perfectly straight, a blast of cold air from your hairdryer allows you to prevent your naturally wavy or curly hair from becoming bushy again shortly afterwards.

Step 3. Apply a shine serum and hairspray to your hairstyle

Once you have straightened your hair, it's all about keeping your hair looking shiny and helping your hairstyle hold all day long. Start by applying a shine serum to your hair. Leave it to work for thirty seconds before applying styling spray. Now you can admire your wonderfully sleek blow-dried locks in the mirror.

Which hairstyle suits sleek blow-dried hair?

Sleek blow-dried hair particularly suits the shoulder length A-Line bob. This layered haircut adds volume and movement to your locks. Just what your need to boost their glossy effect!


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