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How to adopt the A-line bob?
How to adopt the A-line bob?

How to create an A-line bob in mid-length hair?

An essential look during recent Fashion Weeks, the mid-length A-line bob is one of the must-have haircuts of the season! With our advice, find out how to adopt this style and how to personalise it according to your desired look.

How will the hairdresser go about creating an A-line bob?

Your hairdresser will work with clean, wrung out and perfectly detangled hair. First of all, they will define the base and the structure of your bob by discussing it with you. Your hairdresser will then start by cutting your hair from the back working towards the front. Their delicate and meticulous movements will create a plunging line to get the result you desire.

What exactly is a mid-length A-line bob?

In order to get a mid-length cut, your lengths at the back must stop at the base of the nape of your neck. As a result, the nape is very rarely revealed. However, the lengths at the front can go from the shoulders to the top of your chest. It's down to you to decide if you prefer a distinct A-line bob or not.

The A-line bob: a haircut which has everything going for it!

For several years, the A-line bob has been seen as a classic hairstyle and it is here to stay. As for its mid-length version, it is both on trend and modern in 2016! Just like other styles of bob, it remains easy to maintain . Furthermore, it suits all textures and natures of hair (thick, fine, straight, curly, frizzy...).

What's more, the A-line bob is in a class of its own when it comes to boosting your style. This asymmetric cut is full of character and emphasises how you hold your head in a feminine and seductive way. It is also highly adjustable depending on your look or your mood. In fact, several hairstyles are at your disposal...

Which hairstyles suit an A-line bob?

Opt for a wavy effect with floaty lengths and beautifully styled volume. This bohemian version of the bob will give you a simple, natural and elegant style. Alternatively, opt for poker straight locks . Combine it with a clear side parting and you will get a femme fatale, ultra-sophisticated look. A fringed bob will add a vintage touch to your style.

Our advice

Make your A-line bob unique with a personalised colouring technique . To do this, make an appointment with your hairdresser, who will be the best person to reveal and enhance all aspects of your haircut.


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