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Blow-drying, straightening...Why use thermo-active treatments?
Blow-drying, straightening...Why use thermo-active treatments?
Blow-drying, straightening...Why use thermo-active treatments?
Hair care

Blow-drying, straightening... Why use thermo-active treatments?


Are you a fan of heating devices? To protect your hair when using your straighteners, curling tongs or hair-dryer, a thermo-active treatment is an essential part of your hair regime. We explain why.

Why use it?

A thermo-active treatment or a thermal protector guarantees your hair remains in good health. It acts as a shield against the heat emitted from your devices. In fact, high temperatures tend to weaken the hair fibre. If you don't systematically protect your hair, it will end up becoming dry and eventually breaking. Furthermore, thermo-active treatment is a real ally when styling. It facilitates detangling, smooths out the cuticles and eliminates frizz.

Jean Louis David offers Absolute Shine Leave-In thermo-active treatment in every Jean Louis David salon. Its Keratin Repair Complex formula is exclusive to this product. It is made up of keratin molecules, amino acids and wheat and corn starch. Once applied, this treatment protects your hair from the heat. But not only that! It reconstructs the hair fibre, giving your hair shine and vitality.

How do I use it?

Ideally, apply your treatment to damp hair which has been wrung out using a towel. Pour a small amount of the product into your palms, then apply it all over your hair. You can also use a comb to spread it out evenly. If your product is in spray form, spray it directly onto your hair. Finally, for any touch-ups, use it on dry hair.

Our advice

Yes, thermo-active treatments are highly effective for protecting your hair. However, avoid using your straighteners, curing tongs and hair-dryer on a daily basis. Space out how often you use them to preserve your hair as much as possible.

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