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Opt for straightening products to eliminate frizz.
Opt for straightening products to eliminate frizz.
Opt for straightening products to eliminate frizz.

5 essential products for perfect straightening


Getting straight, shiny, frizz-free blow-dried hair can prove to be quite a challenge. To get beautifully straightened locks without creating a 'helmet-hair' effect, take a closer look at our selection of treatments and styling products, from shampoo to hairspray.

1. Anti-Frizz shampoo to combat frizz

With the Liss Therapy range, Jean Louis David offers a collection of treatments to tame stubborn, difficult-to-straighten strands. The products from this range are a safe bet as they combine two active ingredients: silk proteins known for their hydrating, coating and straightening properties and cottonseed oil with its softening virtues.

From the very first wash, your locks will feel softer, look shinier and be easier to style. For a moment of relaxation, hold onto the effects of Liss Therapy shampoo with the Control Smoothing Mask. A small amount applied to clean, squeezed-out hair from the mid-lengths down to the tips is enough. Wait for 5 minutes and rinse. Finally, apply Long Lasting Smoothing Mist to damp hair to finish off the treatment.

2. Absolute Shine Leave-In Treatment as a heat protective shield

Straightening your hair frequently weakens it, making it drier. To protect your locks, thermo-active treatments are your best friend. A small amount spread through your hair using a fine-tooth comb can really help to protect it. Absolute Shine, Jean Louis David's leave-in thermo-active treatment, has additional benefits. Not only does it provide your hair with a powerful protective barrier against heat, it is also enriched in keratin which penetrates the hair fibre, aiding its reconstruction. Your locks are protected whilst being softer, smoother and shinier.

3. CC Cream to correct any problem areas

As part of the Urban Style range, Jean Louis David has developed a BB Cream equivalent for your hair! A treatment which helps to conceal any problem areas, such as frizz. Before you start straightening, apply a small amount to dry, clean hair for guaranteed well-moisturised, effectively protected locks. This product is perfect for making your hair look its healthiest.

4. Perfect Liss spray for poker straight locks

To successfully achieve the poker straight look between washes, opt for thermo-protective Perfect Liss spray. Sprayed onto dry hair, it protects your locks from heat up to 200°C: the maximum temperature for straightening wavy or curly hair.

5. Fix Spray hairspray for perfectly straight hair

Finish off your blow-dry with a styling product with natural results. With its micro-diffusion nozzle, Fix Spray hairspray prevents frizz and ensures maximum hold.

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Liss Therapy
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