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Find out which products and techniques are perfect for creating well-defined curls.
Find out which products and techniques are perfect for creating well-defined curls.

How to get well-defined curls

Products to try, key steps, drying techniques...follow our advice on how to get curls with better definition.

With a suitable comb

To obtain structured curls, start by thoroughly detangling your hair. Say goodbye to knots and dust - this step will aerate your locks and will facilitate defining your curls. The perfect time to do this? Just after you shampoo your hair to avoid frizz. Wring out your hair with a towel and work strand by strand using a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush.

With a sculpting product

Its mission? To hydrate, coat your locks and give them more definition, whilst keeping them soft, light and fortified. Once your hair has been wrung out and detangled, you just need to spread the product over your hair and lift the curls using the palm of your hand.

At Jean Louis David, Curls and Definition (from the Curl Therapy range) is your best friend. It redefines, hydrates and boosts elasticity due to its formula enriched in hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. A few sprays is enough before styling. Another option: Design Mousse, with its fine, smooth texture, preferably applied strand by strand. Reinforced with hydrating agents, it boosts volume and improves your hair's bounce.

Air drying or using a diffuser

Ideally, leave your hair to air dry: heat can damage your hair and promotes frizz. If you are looking to create maximum volume, tilt your head forwards and shake your locks, placing your fingers at the roots.

In winter or if you are in a rush, opt for a diffuser. This end piece with little spikes is just what you need to clip onto your hair dryer. Due to its even heat distribution, it preserves your hair's bounce. To use it, it couldn't be any simpler: let your curls fall inside the diffuser and they will reform by themselves.

With curling tongs

As a last resort, use curling tongs. To do this, work with dry hair and apply a thermo-protective treatment beforehand. No need to curl all of your hair, just focus on the sections that need it (the tips, strands around the face or the top layer of hair) to obtain a flawless result. Finally, carefully loosen your curls with your fingers for a more natural result and apply hairspray to finish.


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