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   How can I create curls without heat?
How can I create curls without heat?
How can I create curls without heat?

How can I create curls without heat?


You are worried about your hair's health, so you are looking for a way to curl your hair without using a heating device. Is it achievable? Which techniques are available to you? Our expert tells all!

What are the possible techniques for curling my hair without using heat?

"First option: use rollers. The diameter of the rollers will determine the size of your curls. To create your curls, first apply a small amount of styling mouse to one strand of hair. Then wrap it around your accessory, before repeating this action all over. Next, leave your hair to air dry. A few hours later, once your hair is completely dry, carefully remove your rollers. You will have long lasting well-defined curls."

"To obtain heat-free curls, you need to have a lot of time on your hands."

Luis Faria

"However, the simplest technique is still plaits. They work on all kinds of hair, even straight or fine hair. Preferably put in your plaits before going to bed. First of all, apply Design Mousse to slightly damp locks. Then form your plaits: if they are large, you will obtain a wavy effect. Conversely, the smaller they are, the curlier your hair will be. Take them out the next morning and fix your look with hairspray. Your curls will hold throughout the whole day."

"Apply a product which will allow you to fix the movement you're going to create."

Luis Faria

Should I stop using heating products to preserve my hair's health?

"No, quite the opposite! Your straighteners and curling tongs are perfect for creating structured curls in a simple and ultra-rapid way. Furthermore, manufacturers produce devices of an extremely high quality which will not damage your hair, despite the high temperatures applied. However, before using them, always apply thermo-active treatment. This will work like a shield against the heat in order to protect your hair and preserve its vitality on a daily basis."

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO