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Create a braid (plait)
Create a braid (plait)

Create a braid (plait)

Before you start trying complicated styles, you need to master the basics! Forget about Egyptian braids and braided crowns for a minute, and just create a straight-forward, classic braid.

The classic braid. Obviously the longer your hair is, the longer your braid will be too. Go for a classic braid if you have at least shoulder-length hair. Start by gently, yet firmly, brushing your hair to smooth it out. Gather your hair together and separate it into three sections. These are the strands you will use to create your braid. Start from the left and work right. In other words, pass the left strand over to the right, overlapping the middle strand. Do the same with the strand on the right. Only the middle strands stays in the same place. Repeat these steps until you reach the ends and secure with a hair band.

The upside-down braid. Brush your hair and divide it into three strands. The idea of the upside-down braid is basically the same as a classic braid, only it involves threading the left and right strands under the middle strand rather than over. A variation of the classic braid which adds a touch of originality to your style!

How to wear the braid. The braid can be worn in many ways. The most classic of all: at the back of your head. For a trendy, more bohemian style, wear the braid to the side, letting it fall over your shoulder. Another alternative is the braided chignon. To do this, gather your hair into a ponytail then create a three-strand braid. Once you’ve done this, roll it around your hair band and secure in place.

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