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Use rollers: for what?
Use rollers: for what?
Use rollers: for what?

Use rollers: for what?


If you thought rollers were a thing of the past, then you're mistaken. They have a great future ahead of them. Even if curling tongs and straighteners have replaced them on a daily basis, they still remain to be a highly effective hair styling technique. Use these tools which allow you to create amazing hairstyles all by yourself at home!

An alternative to curling tongs

They are a way of obtaining curly hair without subjecting your hair to extreme temperatures. However, unlike your heating devices, your curls will take much longer to create. This is due to the absence of heat which speeds up the curl forming process. However, rollers have an indisputable advantage: they offer you a long lasting hairstyle which your curling tongs simply can't compete with.

How do I use them?

You must wrap damp hair around the rollers, then leave them to dry. Choose models with a large diameter to obtain ringlets, floaty curls or even to create a wavy effect. Alternatively, choose small diameter rollers to create tight or corkscrew curls. If you don't have a lot of time on your hands, use a hairdryer. Above all, always wait until your hair is fully dry before taking out the rollers and styling your hair.

Our advice: opt for rollers for quick, simple and practical styling. Contrary to older versions, they don't need hairpins anymore. Finally, before rolling each strand, apply styling mousse or hairspray, such as Fix Spray, to guarantee your curls will hold.

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