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The miniature braid duo
The miniature braid duo
The miniature braid duo

Runway to reality: the miniature braid duo

One of this season’s biggest looks, the braid, can be created in many different forms such as the fishtail braid, a braided crown or a simple neat plait, similar to those on offer at the Jean Louis David Speed Up-Do service. The Antonio Berardi runway decided to give this style classic an interesting twist; mini braids. Read on to find out our verdict on this catwalk look to discover how to take it from the runway to reality.
The miniature braid duo spotted on the runway. The key inspiration on the Antonio Berardi catwalk was clearly the bohemian trend. Models were working this hippy-esque look from head to foot. To create a bohemian hairstyle, hair was left au-natural with tiny braids. Each braid was created around ear-level, close to the face, using hair from behind the ears. To complete the look, a touch of wet-look gel was run through the crown to add an elegant finish.
How to wear day-to-day. You can keep every aspect of this catwalk look and wear day-to-day. This style combines all of this season’s hottest trends from the wet-look to braids and natural lengths, whilst remaining sophisticated and not too try-hard. Wear for any occasion for a simple, yet beautiful style. Keep in mind that this look will be easier to create if your hair is fairly long.
Create the look. To copy this catwalk look, start by creating a half ponytail at the back of your head. Give this section a wet-look effect by spraying with the Jean Louis David Shine Spray. For the miniature braids, take a fine section of hair from behind each ear and start plaiting downwards. For maximum effect, allow your braids to hang down over your shoulders and stand out from the rest of your hair. Finally, don’t be tempted to style your lengths, and leave completely natural to prefect your look.
© Pixelformula / Antonio Berardi prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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