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Men: hairstyles with a side parting
Men: hairstyles with a side parting
Men: hairstyles with a side parting

Men: hairstyles with a side parting

The side parting is a key trend for men's hairstyles at the moment. Whichever side you go for, a side parting adds structure to your hairstyles along with a touch of sophistication. Here's a look at some of the hairstyles to consider when going for a side parting.
Hair with a side parting requires upkeep. "When you go for a side parting, it usually means you've got a specific hairstyle in mind. You'll need to look after it day to day with fixing or texturising products."
This season, the trend is wet-look. "To get the best result with this hairstyle, your hair should be shortest on the top and sides so that you can play around with the rest of your hair. Pull your hair to the side of your choice, slicking it down carefully. Your aim is to give your hairstyle a strict and formal feel.
The rockabilly influence is also very popular in men's hairstyles this season. "The haircut is that same as for slick styles. However, with this style the aim is movement. Volume can be maintained by pulling your hair to one side or creating an Elvis-style pompadour."
Our tip: After washing your hair, apply mousse to make it easier to give your hair movement. When you've created your style, fix in place with gel or pento for a glossy result.
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