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Trend for men: the slick wet-look
Trend for men: the slick wet-look
Trend for men: the slick wet-look

Trend for men: the slick wet-look

One of this season's must-have styles, the summer trend for men is all about slick, wet-look hair. This ultra-50s retro style has come a long way and, despite what many people think, requires more than just wax to create this neat, shiny effect!
The cut. Layered hair has found its perfect hairstyle this season! For an immaculately slick, wet-look effect, hair is both layered and fairly long. Without a bit of length, hair can't be slicked back. Hair should ideally be about 4cm long. Bye bye short cuts and shaved heads!
The style. To obtain this slick, wet-look effect, start by blow-drying your hair nice and straight so that you can slick your hair back more easily. Hair is divided with a low, side parting then pulled back and worked with a gel for a shiny effect. A small amount of gel is all you need for the wet look. For optimum application, rub the gel in the palms of your hands then apply evenly, pulling your hair back. Careful not to use too much product, otherwise your hair could end up looking greasy or stiff. Make sure you distribute the product evenly throughout your hair.
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