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50s hairstyles for men
50s hairstyles for men
50s hairstyles for men

50s hairstyles for men

In the 50s, women loved sculpted curls and platinum blond while some even dared to sport tomboy cuts. Men also had their favourite cult cuts and styles. Here they are.


The rockabilly pompadour. Elvis Presley donned the pompadour for a ravishing rockabilly style! This hairstyle requires length but the back tends to be very short. The pompadour is a very simple style. Hair is pulled back and twisted, so you'll need wax or gel to create this style.
The side parting. Partings are used to guide your hair in the direction of your choice. In the 50s, men often wore side partings. To do this, use a comb to create a straight and neat parting. If you start to get a cowlick, slick it down with a gel or styling wax... but not one bought back in the 50s!
Short hair. In the 50s, men didn't weren't exactly spoilt for choice when it came to haircuts. Hair was simply short. Cuts were neat and perfectly structured for a fixed and strict style. Hair was cut ultra-short on top and was completely shaved at the back.
The borsalino. A firm favourite of Humphrey Bogart, this hat is synonymous with the 50s. An accessory that adds style to any outfit, the borsalino is today at the peak of popularity, and is even worn by women. For a sophisticated look, choose felt versions in muted colours.
Slick, wet-look styles. Short hair in the 50s was all about structure. To slick their hair back and stop any flyaway hairs from ruining their look, men used lots of pomade, an ultra-greasy wax used to slick hair back and give it a smooth and shiny finish.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO