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How to create voluminous roots when wearing hair wavy
How to create voluminous roots when wearing hair wavy
How to create voluminous roots when wearing hair wavy

How to create voluminous roots when wearing hair wavy

Many women complain of having limp roots that lack volume, especially when creating wavy hair. Luckily, there are a few tricks to adding body at the roots, leaving them looking full and voluminous. Discover the pros top tips and techniques.
The first method is to use a body-boosting mousse. ‘Apply to the roots on damp hair, then dry whilst scrunching the roots. It’s in this area that hair most needs an extra boost of volume, so leave the mid-lengths and ends alone’.
Hairspray can also be a useful option. ‘Try using Fix Ultime or Fix Spray, depending on how long you want your backcombed roots to stay in place. Ideally, you should backcomb hair before creating waves or curls, to avoid damaging all of your hard work’.
Beach Spray is also a great product for creating wavy hair, however doesn’t necessarily add volume. ‘You should apply this to the mid-lengths and ends only. Use a separate product on your roots to add more body. Work with damp or wet hair in order to maximise the amount of volume at the roots, which will increase body and movement’.
Use your haircare products sparingly. ‘Some women complain that their hair becomes weighed down and greasy at the roots. This is because the product you’re using could be over-applied or used in the wrong area. All you need is a very small quantity to create the desired end-result’.
Our advice: If you want to create voluminous hair on a day-to-day basis, opt for products within the Volume Therapy range. They swell the hair shaft, increasing its size and giving it added texture.
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