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Say goodbye to any cowlicks spoiling your short haircut.
Say goodbye to any cowlicks spoiling your short haircut.
Say goodbye to any cowlicks spoiling your short haircut.

How do you tame a cowlick on short hair?


Your haircut is (almost) perfect. But is a stubborn cowlick making your life difficult? Here are two foolproof solutions to tame this unruly tuft!

1. Use smart blow-drying techniques

Say goodbye to this unkempt-looking tuft which is preventing you from staying well-styled with a 5-step action plan! First: wet your cowlick to make it more malleable. This way it will be easier to tame when you dry it. Second: apply a small amount of styling mousse to the stubborn strand. Third: place your flat brush as close to the roots as possible to style the cowlick as best you can and use a hairdryer with an air concentrator nozzle to direct the blast right onto the cowlick. Dry and brush the hair at the same time in all directions to make your roots as soft as possible. However, be sure to flatten the cowlick down in the opposite direction to which it is sticking up to prevent any movement, just before your hair is completely dry. Fourth: fix the cowlick with a hairpin whilst your hair cools, so that it sets in the desired direction. Fifth: take out the hairpin and apply hairspray all over your locks for long-lasting hold!

Are you short on time for taming your cowlick? The express solution: backcomb or ruffle up your hair with volumizing powder to blend the cowlick into the rest of your locks!

2. Go for a bespoke hairstyle to suit your cowlick

Is your cowlick still sticking up? Perhaps your short haircut is not suited to the way your hair grows. Visit your salon and tell your hairdresser about the problem with your cowlick and where it is. Your hairdresser will then be able to take the cowlick's position and the way in which it grows into account as part of your new short haircut. All you need to do, for example, is follow the natural movement of your hair to conceal a cowlick situated at the front. Is the unsightly tuft at the nape of your neck? It is best to get it cut very short in that area to get rid of it. Finally, if your cowlick is taking centre stage on top of your head, it is recommended that you style it towards the front if it naturally bends that way. Go for a rocker quiff if it naturally bends towards the back.

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