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Tame your rebellious locks in any situation so hair troubles go unnoticed.
Tame your rebellious locks in any situation so hair troubles go unnoticed.

Bad hair day: 5 express solutions

Cowlicks, greasy roots, static electricity, knots or frizz, here are some simple ultra-fast solutions to tame your hair when it has a life of its own.

1. Taming an unsightly cowlick

These small rebellious tufts, due to the way your hair grows, pop up in as a daily occurrence for many women. Often growing in the opposite direction to your hairstyle, they can stick out in an unsightly way if you have changed your natural parting or if you have created a hairstyle without taking them into account.

It is not worth frantically smoothing down your cowlick with your hands. Instead, opt for a flat hairpin, the same colour as your locks, to fix the rebellious tuft instantly. That way you can spend your day worry-free! Don't have a hair grip handy or can't tame the cowlick with a hairpin due to where it is situated? Backcomb your roots enough to hide stubborn tufts with the volume created and that's all there is to it!

2. Concealing greasy roots

With its unsightly shine, greasy hair can make it look as though your hair is dirty. When you are short on time to shampoo, opt for a styling powder or failing that, dry shampoo which absorbs excess sebum to mattify the roots whilst boosting your hairstyle's volume. This prevents your hair from having that limp, lifeless look. A top tip? Sprinkle the product onto the roots before gently scrunching your locks with your fingers.

3. Controlling static electricity

Does your hair go weightless, static and stick to the walls and your clothes? Don't panic! Dampen your locks with a few drops of water to manage this outburst as quickly as possible. A drop of hydrating cream can also do the job of combatting static electricity in one easy go. Otherwise, tie your hair back into a braid to prevent any static wisps popping up around your head.

4. Hiding your tangled locks so they go unnoticed

Impromptu gusts of wind, hairstyles or strands constantly being blown about...when knots form in your hair and you are unable to detangle them for a good few hours, create a cunning hairstyle! It is out of the question to make a plait or having a knotty ponytail. A good option is a messy bun. Wrapping your locks around themselves in a loose manner on top of your head, without overly tightening the hairband to aggravate the knots, you can conceal your tangles in a few minutes flat!

5. Taming frizz

Say goodbye to rebellious strands that give you an unkempt look and stay impeccably styled all day long with a little help from styling products. To prevent frizz, apply a coating treatment such as a cream for blow-drying before styling, or spread out a few drops of hydrating serum on your hair as a finishing touch to prevent uncontrollable frizz. Another solution for eliminating the problem? Apply hairspray to a comb to smooth down any rebellious strands and to fix the top layers of hair around your face so they no longer frizz.


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