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How to tame static hair
How to tame static hair

How to tame static hair

Are you one of those people whose hair stands on end at the slightest hint of static? To stop yourself looking like you’ve just had an electric shock, find out why you hair does this and what you can do to avoid it.
Even if you weren’t top of your physics class, you must know a thing or two about positive and negative irons. “Your hair has both. But the static of your hair depends on just how many there are of each. If you have more negative ions than positive ions, your hair will tend to be more electric.” This is why volumising shampoos are packed full of negative ions while balanced shampoos are formulated at the other end of the scale with more positive ions.
There are many factors that contribute to electric hair. The first: the shampoos and products you use. “If you wash your hair with unsuitable products, too concentrated or too regularly for instance, the risk of having static hair is greater. Go for pH-balanced shampoos, or shampoos that are formulated especially for your hair type.”
Also think about the materials your clothes are made from. If you wear lots of synthetic materials, this will also increase static. Opt for natural materials instead!
Using your brush for too long and too forcefully can also cause your hair to stand on end. “It is this rubbing against your hair that causes static. So, the more you brush your hair, the more likely your hair is to take off! If you suffer from this problem, choose brushes made from natural materials.” And if you use a hair dryer or straightening irons when styling, choose tools with ionic technology. This will serve to restore the balance of the ions in your hair, eliminating static and frizz.

Our tip: Whenever you style your hair with a hair dryer, finish with a blast of cold air to set your style and keep your hair under control. Still seeing flyaway hairs? Apply a layer of hairspray or a drop of hair serum to get them back in place once and for all.

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