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How can I create white-blonde hair?
How can I create white-blonde hair?
How can I create white-blonde hair?

How can I create white-blonde hair?

White-blonde is the lightest shade of blonde there is. This hue is regularly spotted on the runway and is a popular color choice for many women, however, it is not the easiest shade to maintain and look after. Discover what creating this color entails in terms of hair-care and upkeep.
Ideally, your hair should already be a very light shade of blonde in order to take on the white-blonde shade properly. ‘Brunettes should avoid this color at all costs as the coloring process will take a few stages to remove your natural hair color, leading to inevitable hair damage. On a day-to-day basis, hair will be very difficult to look after, so make sure you’ve thought long and hard before taking the plunge!’
If you want to avoid over-damaging your locks, why not opt for highlights rather than an all-over block color? ‘Highlights can be created throughout the mid-lengths and ends which will avoid any extreme damage. This is the best option for women with long hair. Shorter hair, however, is the perfect length for an all-over color transformation’.
Once you have you color, you will need to look after it on a daily basis to keep it looking healthy and vibrant. ‘Try using products from the Keratin Therapy range and every 3 washes use the Jean Louis David Silver Therapy shampoo to prevent yellowing. Every month at your salon appointment, ask for the Colour Therapy treatment to boost your color and restore its healthy shine’.
Our tip: Before deciding to opt for the white-blonde shade, think about the amount of time and effort you will need to dedicate to looking after your new color. Even the best stylist in the world cannot prevent the irreparable damage that your hair will undergo to achieve your desired color. Eventually, you will need to cut your damaged hair to get rid of strands that are lifeless and dull.
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