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Hair how to: matte look hair
Hair how to: matte look hair
Hair how to: matte look hair

Hair how to: matte look hair

Trends tend to come and go. As for hair trends, high-shine slick hair has been one of the most popular hair textures in recent months, and now matte hair is having a moment. So, how can you give your hairstyle the matte effect? The pros reveal all.
Extreme matte hair is the complete opposite to high-shine. ‘Women are going to be all over the matte trend after wearing super shiny hair for the last couple of seasons. Less shine means that hair has a more casual, understated look rather than going over the top with an extravagant gelled look’.
Glossy hair is, however, still synonymous with healthy hair. ‘Shiny hair usually means that the hair is in good condition. When the light bounces off all of the hair’s different shades, the effect is simply stunning and looks ravishing. You can purchase various products and salon treatments to create this lustrous effect’.
Today, thanks to the massive success of dry shampoo, matte-look hair is becoming increasingly popular. ‘However, this isn’t the only product which helps create a matte effect. Styling wax or texturizing powder work equally as well. Just be careful not to use too much. Matte textured hair looks great paired with frizzy styles, whereas high-shine gels are better suited to straight locks'.
Our advice: Both men and women like to vary their hairstyle on a daily basis. The good news is that there are tonnes of different products which will help you create your desired look and change the effect. Depending on your mood, one day you can be wearing slicked back hair for an elegant evening party and the next you might be wearing matt-look hair for a laid-back weekend hairstyle.
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