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Why use dry shampoo?
Why use dry shampoo?
Hair care

Why use dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo has revolutionised your daily routine! Even though it can't replace your actual shampoo, it can be used to give your hair a real boost. Find out when to get it out.
To freshen up. This is definitely its main purpose. Dry shampoo is designed to freshen up your hair and make it look cleaner. Apply between washes. An unstoppable beauty fix!
To add shape to lifeless hair. Ideally you should space out your hair washes to every three days. "But hair often becomes limp and lifeless by day 2. To last between washes, spray dry shampoo across your hair to add body and make it easier to style."
To get rid of greasy roots. As you know, dry shampoo cannot replace your real shampoo. "But if you have a last-minute appointment or simply don't have time to wash your hair one morning and your roots look greasy, use dry shampoo across this section."
To hold on between colouring treatments. Did you know you can now get tinted dry shampoo? If you don't have time to visit your hairdresser, you can cheat a little and hold on a few more weeks using dry shampoo, which will re-colour your roots.
To add volume to fine hair. Dry shampoo can also be used as a styling product. "Use it to add body to your hair for the day and make it look thicker." Spray evenly across your hair. Leave it to act for a few minutes then style.
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