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Greasy roots and dry ends: dos and don'ts
Greasy roots and dry ends: dos and don'ts
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Greasy roots and dry ends: dos and don'ts

All hair types are prone to greasy roots and dry ends. Not generally something we welcome with open arms! But luckily for you, there is a solution! Follow these tips...
Greasy roots and dry ends are not necessarily a result of using bad products on your hair. “Pollution, stress, fatigue, a poor diet... This imbalance between your roots and your ends can be due to a variety of different factors, and is a result of hyper-seborrhea at the roots. This is when the sebum is not evenly distributed throughout the lengths and ends."
Luckily there are simple solutions to regulate this. You can wash your hair every day if you find that your roots are misbehaving and constantly greasy. “One condition though if you do wash it every day: use suitable products such as PH-balanced and frequent use shampoos, more gentle than shampoos for greasy hair.” These gentle shampoos won’t overexcite your sebaceous glands, which make your hair greasy.
Another solution is to use products for greasy roots and dry ends. “These regulate pH from the roots to the ends. Your scalp is then left healthy and your dried-out ends deeply nourished.” If you want to use shampoo for greasy hair because your roots are causing you too much discomfort, don’t forget to look after your mid-lengths and ends! “Shampoo for greasy hair will dry out hair that is already dry. So use a hydrating hair mask every now and then to balance out the drying effect of this shampoo.”
Our tip: To avoid washing your hair every day due to greasy hair, alternate with dry shampoo. This is great for skipping washes. Use this product on dry hair every other day, paying particular attention to your greasy roots.
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