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Hair colouring

Colored hair and highlights : 5 things to avoid

Think you know your stuff when it comes to hair coloring? Discover the top 5 mistakes made and learn how to keep your hair in great condition.


  1. Coloring your hair alone at home. Don’t take any risks when coloring your hair! Always be sure to book a salon appointment with a professional. You can take advantage of expert personalised advice as well as benefiting from years of experience and know-how. The salon is the best place to create your desired look: your stylist will be able to select the best colouring technique to suit your hair type and provide tips on how to look after your new hue.


  1. Coloring damaged hair. Keep in mind that hair coloring involves creating a chemical reaction which can ultimately weaken hair further if it is already in a damaged state. Before deciding to go for a new shade, repair your locks with regenerating products such as those in the Keratin Therapy range.


  1. Straying too far from your natural hair color. The further away your desired shade is from your base color, the stronger the chemical reaction needed, meaning the process will be much more aggressive than normal. Try to stay within one or two tones lighter or darker than your current shade for an easier transition which will preserve your hair’s vitality.


  1. Over-washing your hair. Avoid over-washing your hair if you want your color to last. Washing hair too frequently can cause color to fade and become dull. Ideally, wash your hair two to three times per week maximum. Dry shampoo is your best friend when it comes to spacing out your shampoo dates. Pop a small sized can into your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups.


  1. Failing to use the correct products after coloring. Colored hair needs special TLC! Your aim should be to preserve your color’s shine whilst keeping your style healthy. Jean Louis David has therefore creating a whole range of products to help you stay on top of this: meet the Color Therapy range. Thanks to this haircare ritual, your locks will appear radiant, meaning your color will remain glossy for weeks on end.

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