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Braids for spring-summer 2013
Braids for spring-summer 2013
Braids for spring-summer 2013

Braids for spring-summer 2013

Braids were undeniably made for spring and summer! Sometimes bohemian, sometimes romantic, the braid is a super trendy hairstyle that everyone loves. Follow our guide on the ones to wear this season.
The crown braid. This one can be worn in two different ways. The first is big and bold, it starts at the top of the head, crosses your forehead diagonally and is secured at the back of your head. Keep your braid loose to keep the hippie chic feel. Another more subtle way of wearing this braid is in a half ponytail. Style your hair into a centre parting then create a fine braid on each side. Pull them back so they meet at the back of your head.
The double-tie braid. A trendy braid that’s ultra-simple to create! Perfect for starting the season in style! Brush your hair and pull it back. Feel free to backcomb the roots gently to add a bit of volume. Then create a fairly low ponytail and secure with a bungee band the same colour as your hair. Create your braid then secure with a hair band again when you reach the end of your hair!
The mohair braid. This trend has already been a huge hit this winter and its success is set to continue through to this new season! Hair is backcombed and braided from the middle of the back of the head. The next step is the same as for a mermaid plait. Create a fairly loose braid and use a hair pin to pull out a few pieces to give it that dishevelled look.
The braided chignon. We started to see this newcomer this winter, but this season it’s really coming into its own. The idea is to braid the ponytail that you usually use to create your chignon. Wear it at the top, bottom or side of your head, it’s up to you!
The wild braid. To bring out your wild (but still sophisticated) side, go for this rough and ready braid. Backcomb the hair on the top of your head to give it this inflated effect, then gently brush it back. Take your lengths and start to create your wild braid… any way you like! It doesn’t necessarily have to be made of three strands; it can be slightly dishevelled, or even tangled... Simply get creative and invent your own tailor-made braid!
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO