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 Ash-blond hair coloring: who is it for?
Ash-blond hair coloring: who is it for?
Ash-blond hair coloring: who is it for?
Hair colouring

Ash-blond hair coloring: who is it for?


Following the example of previous seasons, ash blond is still just as in fashion this winter. Discover if this color, which is different, timeless and sophisticated at the same time, is for you.

A sophisticated and discreet color

Ash blond is a cold and dark shade of blonde, characterized by a gray luminous shine. Once you've adopted this color, it has a perfectly natural finish. Highly popular in the 70s, it has made a sensational comeback on the catwalk during the last couple of Fashion Weeks. It goes against the golden blonde and luminous blonde trends, which gives it a much more flamboyant look. It is therefore perfect for those who want to rely on a blonde color whilst keeping it simple.

Ash blonde: ideal for light bases

It is easy to achieve on light blonde to light brown hair as it is closer to these tones. It holds in an even and long-lasting way, without damaging the hair fiber. Furthermore, these cold tones particularly enhance features typically associated with Nordic beauties, such as pale complexion and blue eyes.. For the same reasons, it also suits those with a rosy complexion or skin which has a tendency to blush.

A color trend to tame grey hairs

Ash blonde is THE perfect transitional color, following the appearance of any first gray hairs. It's an elegant way to tackle this problem as it allows you to avoid having obvious roots or demarcations which are too distinct. It also suits women of all ages by providing them with a natural color which will never go out of fashion. A small piece of advice: if you do choose this option, use Silver Therapy shampoo to prevent your color yellowing.

A color to avoid with brunette hair

In theory, all women could succumb to ash blonde. However, above all keep in mind that your hair color should enhance you! If you have dark skin, the cold tones of ash blonde won't necessarily go with your complexion. To achieve this color, you would need to undergo successive bleaching, which could damage your hair's vitality. However, if you really wish to opt for ash blonde, get it done by your hairdresser for the best possible finish.

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