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90s hairstyles
90s hairstyles
90s hairstyles

90s hairstyles

The Rachel from “Friends” cut. In the 90s, the hit series was followed by millions of fervent fans. Many of whom sweetly dreamed of having the same hairstyle as their favourite ‘friend’. In the mid 90s, the ‘Rachel cut’ was even voted ‘best hairstyle of the year’ by many ladies’ magazines. The lengths are heavily layered and feathered, full of volume and the whole look gleams with luminous highlights.
Highlights. This is probably a look that could be left in the 90s! Back then, when we were talking about highlights, we meant the kind that were highly contrasted in colour to the rest of the hair. Today, we go for a more subtle and natural look, whereas then they had to be seen loud and clear. We also saw the fad for hair mascara that was applied at home in front of the mirror and which lasted a few washes.
Grunge style. This is what was left over from the 80s. The dishevelled hairstyles from this era have given way to neater styles, but with the same grunge spirit. The 90s also witnessed the huge success of Nirvana and its frontman, Kurt Cobain. On the style end, dip-dye went wild, and ruffled styles and hair wraps were never so popular.
Short hair. Short hair hasn’t gone anywhere either! Boyish cuts, short, feathered cuts or bowl cuts, short cuts with layered fringes; the possibilities for a super stylish (for the era) and feminine look were endless!
Scrunchies. There are a few hair accessories that we would rather forget. The scrunchie most certainly belongs in that category. Garish, certainly; the scrunchie was made to be seen. It came in many different colours and materials and today has been replaced by hair ties that are much more subtle or at least more sophisticated.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO