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3 hairstyle ideas for busy mornings
3 hairstyle ideas for busy mornings
3 hairstyle ideas for busy mornings

3 hairstyle ideas for busy mornings

Back-to-work season is already here, your alarm has been set and your heels are ready by the door. However, there will be mornings, despite your organisational efforts, when you’re rushing about, panicking what to wear and how to style your hair. Here’s the good news: we’ve got 3 simple hairstyles to solve your problems! Perfect for busy work mornings.
The loose ponytailMake like the Stella McCartney runway models and create a loose ponytail. Perfect for the working girl, this style is relaxed, yet remains glamorous. To get the look, create a centre parting and tie your hair into a low-slung ponytail. Don’t tie your hair elastic too tightly. Instead, keep it loose to get that bohemian look. Finally, frame your face with some flyaway wavy strands for the perfect work-chic hairstyle.
The top-knot chignonThis popular style is quick to create and looks effortlessly chic. It opens up the wearer’s face whilst giving an elegant feel to any outfit, ideal for an office look. Even women with short hair can create this style. Start by gathering your hair onto the top of your head, then secure into a tight ponytail. Next, roll the lengths of your hair around the base of the ponytail and secure again to form the chignon shape. Use bobby pins to tame any flyaway pieces and keep your style looking polished.
The side braidIf you’re known to sleep through your alarm and only have a few minutes to style your hair after showering, this look is for you. Stop worrying about what to do with your damp locks and opt for a side braid. Simple to create, you can even unravel your braid half way through the day to reveal beautiful waves. Get the look by drawing a side parting opposite to the side you want to braid on. Choose between the fish-tail braid, a classic plait or even a French braid. Finish off your hairstyle with a layer of hairspray to give your look a long-lasting hold.
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