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The African braid
The African braid
The African braid

The African braid

One of the biggest trends for this spring/summer season is ethnic, both in terms of fashion and décor. But it doesn’t stop there: this theme extends to the hair with African hair braids!

The African braid. Up until now, you thought hair braids were a thing of the past, only acceptable on the RnB stars of the 90s. But this style is making a comeback, only this time, the look is simpler, meaning that anyone can give it a go. If you don’t have frizzy hair you’ve probably never thought about giving this trendy, ethnic style a go. However, it’s simple. All you need to do is weave three pieces of hair together once more. Only the crossover technique differs from a classic braid. To do an on-trend African braid in your hair, there is no need to braid all of your hair. Two or three sections are enough to achieve the effect. You don’t have to braid the whole length of your hair either, just from the scalp to the mid-lengths.

The African braid, the simplified version.  Start by brushing your hair, and then create several partings by separating your hair into a number of sections, depending on how many braids you want to create. It’s up to you how thick you want your braids to be. Take one section and separate it into three to create a classic braid. To get the real ethnic braid effect, make it tighter than a classic braid. Repeat this throughout the other sections!

The African braid, the real version! This begins in the same way as the simple version. Brush your hair, and then create different partings to separate the sections you want to braid. Then take a section and split the hair into three pieces. This is where it gets more complex. Start braiding your hair using the three pieces of hair you have just separated. Then, cross the outer piece over the middle pieces, adding a few pieces of hair from outside of the sectioned-off hair. Repeat with the other piece and so on and so forth until you reach the end of your hair. Secure with a hair band.
© Pixelformula/ Backstage Tiltle, Spring-Summer 2012  © Jean Louis David
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