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Hair care

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Adapt your haircare routine to your hair type for healthy, luscious locks! Learn how to nourish your hair whatever its type: dry, fine, greasy or thick. But don't forget about texture, including straight to curly and even frizzy. Discover which haircare routine will suit your individual hair type to ensure targeted action that truly works. Is your hair coloured, fragile or damaged? Selecting the right products can make a real difference. Finally, read our top tips for protecting your hair in both summer and winter.

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Hair treatments: in which order should you use them?
Hair care
Hair treatments: in which order should you use them?

Have you accumulated so many treatments in your bathroom that you no longer know where to start? Don't worry, Jean Louis David will restore some order into your haircare regime. 1 – Products to use in the shower Shampoo: No worthy haircare regime would be complete without shampoo. A real beauty ally for all hair types, this product gets rid of...

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