Look after your brown hair

The advantage of brown hair is that it is less responsive to changes in the weather, or other such elements, than blonde hair. However, it should still not be neglected. Brown and dark hair also needs a bit of TLC.
You can buy shampoos and treatments that have been specially-designed for blonde hair, as this colour tends to fade. This is not the case for brown hair. “Brown hair stays shiny if it is natural. You can find products designed specifically for brown hair, but they won’t make a huge difference… Brown hair’s colour does not fade, so there is no need to add pigments.”
To look after brown hair, simply choose shampoos and treatments that are suitable for your hair type. “For example, remember that in northern countries, women often have blonde hair, which tends to be finer and is more easily damaged by external elements. Women from southern countries, however, tend to have brown hair, which is usually thicker. It is therefore more resistant to such aggressions.
To ensure you hair stays soft and shiny, you need to keep it hydrated. “Hydrating shampoos and serums are great for this. Such products deeply nourish your hair and add extra shine.”
If you fancy adding a touch of light to you hair, why not get highlights! “Brown hair is different from blonde hair. The sun does not make it lighter, so you will need to get it coloured.”

Our tip: Feel like your hair is lacking shine? Let your expert Jean Louis David hair stylist take care of you with their Gloss service. This will add a long-lasting, visible shine to your hair without the use of aggressive products. In just 20 minutes, your hair will be all a-gloss! What are you waiting for!

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