Why do I have an itchy scalp?

You can’t help it. You’ve got an itchy scalp and you just can’t resist scratching it. What is the cause of this irritation? What can you do to get rid of it? Our expert gives us the answers.
Just like your skin, your scalp can be pulled, sometimes itch and even look dry. The result is an irritating sensation which makes you want to scratch your scalp. This means that your skin is unbalanced. This imbalance can be caused by many different things. “The itchy sensation may be related to nerves, stress or even pollution. It can also be due to an imbalance in sebum production. This means that your skin cells are regenerating too quickly, and is the reason why you often get dandruff with an itchy scalp.”
An itchy scalp can also be caused by the products you use, if they are too aggressive or not suitable for your hair type, for example. Other causes could be a poor diet or frequent use of motorbike or scooter helmets.
Skin-calming treatments are available to cure this. “These pH-balanced shampoos will soothe any itching. Avoid using hydrating shampoos or hair masks. These will not help to rehydrate your scalp. Also try anti-dandruff shampoos if you find that your itching is causing dandruff.”
Finally, try to keep your cool, eat well and massage your scalp every now and then to stimulate blood circulation. These three things will do you a world of good! However, if after following this advice you have a sensitive scalp, go and see your dermatologist.
Our tip: Look after your hair this summer. With the heat of the sun, chlorine and sea salt, it’s your scalp that takes the hit! Make sure you apply heaps of sun-protecting hair products and keep your head covered with a trendy summer hat.

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