Which haircut should I choose to suit my hair length?

Have you finally found your perfect hair length, but you are unsure how to enhance it? Whether you have ultra-long or cropped locks, here is a whole range of haircut options available for you to try. Just what you need to have a complete makeover in just a few snips of the scissors.

No matter what your hair length, it is essential to structure your hair so that it is not shapeless. A fashion faux-pas that you can avoid by choosing your favourite haircut out of the styles that we suggest below.

Long hair:


Though long hair is the quintessence of glamour, it can quickly fall flat if you do not add volume or movement, especially if you have fine hair. To avoid foregoing your long locks, here are a few haircuts that you should try out right now:

Layers to enhance your long locks

The longer your hair, the heavier it is, which accentuates that limp and lifeless look. This is a minor inconvenience that you can overcome by opting for layers. The icing on the cake: this technique suits all hair types. When put into fine hair, these shorter sections add movement and give your locks a boost. Whereas in thick hair, layers allow you to spread out the volume. Finally, in curly hair waves get re-sculpted, all whilst keeping your hair extremely long.

The blunt cut to create an impression of volume

The famous blunt cut is particularly recommended for fine hair and it consists of cutting the hair all at the same length, which tends to create the optical illusion of increased volume. Worn with a middle parting, this minimalist bold cut suits all face shapes. The only slight drawback: with its clear-cut and precise lines, this blunt cut is not a good look with damaged ends. As a result, it is down to you to use masks, hair oils and other anti-split end treatments to keep your hair full of vitality.

The blunt fringe to add character

Blunt full fringes are highly on trend, it makes your eyes effortlessly stand out and frames your face. This hairstyle trick breaks up the impression of monotony that long hair can create, particularly if you are a fan of blunt cuts. Quite rightly so, as this fringe will contrast perfectly with your uniform lengths. Just what you need to boost your hairstyle and to give it plenty of character. However, if you wish to both layer your locks and cover your forehead, opt for a soft, wispy fringe instead. This will suit the floaty look of your future haircut much better.

Shoulder-length hair:


Medium-length hair, which is modern, feminine-looking and easy to keep looking good, is becoming increasingly popular. However, it still needs structuring with a nice haircut. Several alternatives are available to you:

Thinned out shoulder-length locks for a natural look

Being supple and dynamic, thinned-out shoulder-length locks breathe an air of lightness into your hair whilst holding onto its length. With its highly natural finish, this haircut lends itself to lots of different hairstyles. Sleek, curly, wavy, rock ‘n’ roll or even de-styled, this style suits all of your desired looks and all circumstances. Just what you need to give yourself a whole new look every day. One minor point to be wary of: the technique used to create this hairstyle consists of thinning out the volume, so if you have fine hair it is best to avoid this style.

The A-line bob for a bold style

With asymmetric lengths, shorter at the nape of the neck and longer framing the face, the A-line bob plays with bold lines for a visual effect beyond compare. Especially as the difference between the front and back can be personalised to suit your desired look. The daring amongst us will not hesitate in creating as stark a contrast as possible, whereas some of us will prefer a much less pronounced A-line bob. Whichever style you go for, you cannot beat this haircut for putting a twist on any look. Particularly if it is enhanced with a fringe. Blunt, angled or even soft and wispy, you have a whole range of options. Another considerable advantage: A-line bobs suit all face shapes.

An unstructured shoulder-length bob to give your locks a boost

Easier to wear than the A-line bob, the unstructured version has emerged as a safe bet when it comes to hairstyles. This haircut taps right into the zeitgeist, and goes perfectly with layered locks and thinned-out sections for a modern finish with indistinct contours. If you’re still not convinced, you should know that the unstructured bob suits all hair types. Not to mention, it is very easy to style.

Short hair:


Short hair is highly on trend right now. Women are rocking it with confidence, and quite rightly so. Far from being cut and dried, the haircut options for short locks are many and varied. Proof being:

The short bob for a very feminine-looking haircut

The timeless bob sees its lengths shortened with this version, which is chin-length for a much more current look. With locks framing the face, thus structuring its oval shape, the short bob is an ode to femininity in hairstyle form. Particularly as it allows you to create lots of different hairstyles. A middle part, worn to one side, scrunched, wavy or ultra-sleek… This haircut will suit anyone who is worried that they will get bored of short hair.

The bowl cut for a stylish finish

The bowl cut is perfect for enhancing delicate facial features, and is making a comeback right now. Not for the faint-hearted, this hairstyle creates an ultra-edgy, sophisticated look that will certainly get you noticed. Its key features? Volume on top, long layers at the sides and minimalist straight lines. This is the perfect combo for straight hair. However, it doesn’t work anywhere near as well with curly or frizzy hair, as they accentuate the much dreaded “helmet hair” look.

The boyish cut for a look that is at the height of fashion

With ultra-short sides and slightly longer locks on top, the boyish haircut combines a boyish feel with a feminine touch. This hyper trendy haircut suits all fashion looks. Whether you are a sophisticated lady or more into casual wear, the boyish haircut will liven up your look. This is a must-have hairstyle which, contrary to what you may think, gladly lends itself to various different hairstyles. You can, for example, gather all of your hair towards the back, scrunch your locks or even put in a side parting for a preppy look.

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