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Focus on the soft, wispy fringe
Focus on the soft, wispy fringe

Focus on the soft, wispy fringe

Following the success of thick, blunt fringes, it’s back to softer, simpler fringes. A great example of this latest trend is the soft, eye-skimming, wispy fringe. This easy-to-wear fringe is perfect for the summer season. Here’s a closer look.
Who for? The advantage of the soft fringe is that, unlike a thick fringe or a short fringe, it can be adapted to suit any cut and any face shape. This wispy fringe is so gentle that it softens facial features so it’s perfect for people with dark hair whose features are naturally hardened by their hair colour. In terms of length, this fringe generally stops at the eyebrows, and can be even longer at the sides, like Kate Moss’.
How to style it? What we love about this fringe is that it’s so easy to style and put into place. As it’s fairly thin, it’s malleable and flexible. So there is no need to spend too much time styling it. Just let it fall into place to bring out its boho-chic side. This fringe generally works best on fine, supple and straight hair. As with most fringes, avoid it if you have curly or frizzy hair. Use hairspray to keep your fringe in place. If it tends to go greasy, use dry shampoo to freshen it up.
How to look after it? Hair grows on average one centimetre a month, sometimes even a centimetre and a half. In the grand scheme of things this doesn’t sound like much. But when it comes to your fringe, it becomes noticeable pretty quickly! So make sure you visit your hairdresser every two months, unless you’re happy to refresh your fringe yourself at home. But a professional will be more capable of restoring its shape.
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