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The short bowl cut
The short bowl cut
The short bowl cut

The short bowl cut

The bowl cut isn’t the easiest hairstyle to have, but when it’s done well and teamed with the right look, it will transform your look from outdated to on-trend! Find out if it’s right for you and get it now...

The short hair trend. Despite what many people say, short hair is not high maintenance. You just need to visit your hairdresser more often to keep the base looking good. An appointment once a month should be enough to keep it looking stylish and well-maintained.

Origins of the bowl cut. This cut became iconic in the sixties thanks to British stylist Mary Quant. You might not recognise the name, but Mary Quant also invented the mini skirt! The cut was immediately successful and all the biggest stars of the time were sporting it. Although you might associate this cut more easily with Mireille Mathieu than Mary Quant... The cut is still a big source of inspiration today, and has been seen on stars such as Agyness Deyn.

Who does it suit? Careful, this cut doesn’t suit everyone and doesn’t work with every hair type. For example, people with frizzy and wavy hair should steer clear of this style to avoid tearing their hair out when styling. The same goes for people with round faces. As the cut is already round, it might look a bit excessive. So that leaves slim faces and straight hair. As for the colour, opt for an all-over colour to bring out the cut’s graphic edge. A jet black or platinum blonde will be great for a rock chick effect!

Styling the bowl cut. To really do the bowl cut justice, it should be worn straight with rounded ends. To do this, start by straightening your hair after applying a heat protector spray. Then use a sculpting paste to create the rounded effect with your fingers. Repeat on your fringe.

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO