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Two-tone hair
Two-tone hair
Two-tone hair
Hair colouring

Two-tone hair

After pink hair or smurf-style blue shades, and not forgetting the dip dye technique, here’s a new colour trend to take your fancy: the two-tone. No need to worry about having to choose between two colours, get both for a bold, daring result.
The idea behind two-tone hair. Forget the subtle, sophisticated dip dye... When we talk about two-tone hair, we mean two very different colours in one same hairstyle, usually shocking colours for a striking contrast. Those of you who worry about hiding your roots at all costs, rest assured, you won’t find these shocking anymore!
Who for? First of all, two-tone hair works best on long hair as the contrast is more powerful. But only choose this technique if you have a pretty dynamic, even eccentric, style, as the distinction between these two colours is clean-cut and horizontal (but not necessarily symmetrical). If this is not something you see yourself wearing every day, save it for a special occasion using temporary colouring.
Which contrast? To make sure it really stands out, the colours need to be very different. If your base is black, choose platinum blonde, red or bright colours for the lengths. If you’re blonde, choose a red or auburn shade for a more autumnal effect. Avoid pastels - these can have a rather undesirable cartoon character effect!
Get two-tone hair. If you want permanent two-tone hair, go straight to your hairdresser. Don’t risk doing it at home. For a temporary colouring that fades after a few washes, some hairdressers offer this service but it all depends on the colour you want. For pastels or bright colours, your best bet is to head to the shops.

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO