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The two-tone ponytail
The two-tone ponytail
The two-tone ponytail

The two-tone ponytail

You thought that two hair colourings were out? Not at all! After the dip dye and coloured highlights, the winter trend is two-tone hair. The colour separation is done half way down the hair and allows two distinct colours to appear. This trendy colouring style works really well on a ponytail and is a must-have this season. Here is a close-up look at this trend.
The trend. Get the idea of one single colour out of your head! To be on top this winter, you need to dare multicolored hair. Without opting for pop hair, two-tone hair is a much more wearable alternative. The hair seen on Alexander Wang's catwalk show two distinct colours but that doesn't mean you have to opt for the same. Two different colours do not have to mean two opposite colours!
Who's the two-tone ponytail for? This latest trend will satisfy all fashion addicts, whatever their style. For those who enjoy an original look can opt for two opposing and flashy colours. Those, who on the contrary seek rather discreet hair can bet on two colours pretty close to eachother avoid the extravagant side of a two-tone hair colouring. Indeed, it may be difficult to sport the two-tone hair as seen on Alexander Wang's catwalk.
How to adopt the two-tone ponytail? It depends on how long you wish to keep your colour! If it's for an evening, you'll prefer extensions while for an indefinite amount of time, ask your hairdresser for advice . Such a coloring cannot be improvised and you should ask a professional to decide what colours to adopt and how to care for them.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO