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The punk mohican
The punk mohican
The punk mohican
Styles and trends

The punk mohican

This trend is going to be hard to miss this winter: it's punk or nothing! The trend is not only seen on clothing, but in hair and make-up as well. Make-up is not as bright and hairstyles are anti-conformist. Some people might even go as far as the punk mohican. Here's a quick look at the trend.
Who can wear the punk mohican? All you revolutionary souls out there! It's a chance to embrace your attitude and reveal your rebellious side. Winter 2013 is set to be full of hairstyles inspired by the punk and rock looks of the 1990s. The trend is appearing in all women who want to express their "No future" state of mind without going for the cliché shaved head/oversize crest.
The punk mohican, do I or don't I? It's a tricky one. You may well regret heading to the salon and asking for a shaved head and mohican! The punk mohican doesn't offer much in the way of styling posibilities other than... the mohican. Even the models on the Fendi catwalk didn't dare risk it. They wore a wig instead!
For the show, the stylists created a slick braid then added a coloured Iroquoioan mohican on top, making it an accessory in itself to be worn when you're feeling at your most rebellious. But it can be difficult to pull off, especially in its largest version and featuring colourful sections. Let's be honest, the grunge vibe is a little tricky to pull off on your average day at the office!
© Pixelformula/Fendi prêt-à-porter show, Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO