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The rock-chick mini chignon
The rock-chick mini chignon
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The rock-chick mini chignon

This summer you swore by messy braids, wavy hair and boho half-ponytails. Now it’s time to get back to business with a revamped, rockier version of the chignon. Spotted at Jasper Conran, this style will soon change your mind about ballerina buns!

Who for? For those of you who want to try the chignon without the strict, immaculate effect that often comes with it! This chignon, so easy to do, gives you a gentle rocky edge and looks great as an everyday style. To create this up-do you’ll need a certain amount of length, but the volume of this chignon doesn’t necessarily require ultra-long hair.

Create the mini chignon. Before getting straight to it, start by creating texture for added volume and an alternative rock feel. To do this, use a texturizing powder to add body and make it easier to style. Start by backcombing the hair underneath and at the front to add volume and create a dishevelled effect worthy of your favourite rock icons! Next, brush your hair (gently so as not to ruin your backcombing) and pull it back. Tie it into a low ponytail. Now you can start creating your mini chignon. Take the remaining lengths and roll loosely around the base of the ponytail. Conceal hair pins inside the chignon to hold in place.

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