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The neo-grunge style
The neo-grunge style
The neo-grunge style
Styles and trends

The neo-grunge style

The neo-grunge style is making a confident comeback to summer collections. Having first appeared with the rise of grunge music during the 90s, the rebel attitude is back! Return to the nostalgia of your troubled teens and sprinkle it with a dose of chic for an oh-so-2013 "Kurt Cobain" style.
The neo-grunge look. Finally a trend that allows us to embrace all of our crazy style choices! The neo-grunge look allows you to mix prints, flaunt those slogan t-shirts you've been hiding in your wardrobes since the 90s and bring back the tie-waist shirt. While skirts and shorts are must-wear garments in the middle of summer, also think ripped jeans and checked trousers for maximum impact. In terms of colours, go for plum, navy, black and red. And get creative to enhance your looks: create your own tie-dye pieces, slash your jeans, colour your t-shirts... For accessories, opt for this season's biggest bags and shoes with buckles.
Neo-grunge hair and make-up. Your neo-grunge style would not be complete without the hair and make-up to match. First of all, why not change your hair colour! Brown that fades to blond, blond that fades to brown... Let your roots show through for maximum impact and rough up your hair for a rock vibe. Leave your colour to your hairstylist; you'll want to avoid mishaps and unsightly tinges! To rough up your hair, apply a styling mousse to damp hair and leave it to dry naturally. Style with your fingers. As for your make-up, you don't need much - your look and your hair will do the job. A bit of eyeliner and lipstick and you're good to go!
© Pixelformula/Dries Van Noten prêt-à-porter show, Spring-Summer 2013 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO