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The graphic quiff
The graphic quiff
The graphic quiff

The graphic quiff

The rock quiff was a huge hit last summer season. Though the quiff isn’t this season’s must-have style, it can be worn differently for a more graphic, structured effect. Here’s a closer look at the graphic quiff seen at Roland Mouret.
The graphic trend. Despite what people say, we don’t always let ourselves go in summer! Not when it comes to fashion and beauty anyway. We’ve seen a lot of structured, graphic cuts returning to the catwalks in terms of clothing design, but also with hair in terms of graphic partings and slicked-back styles. For his Spring-Summer 2013 show, Roland Mouret has it both ways for an ultra-chic, graphic collection.
How to create the graphic quiff. With the graphic quiff, the quiff is the only part of the hair that has volume. The rest of the hair is slicked back and tied up. Start by brushing your hair and separating out a wide section at the top of your head. You will use this to create your quiff. Use a gel to slick back the hair on the side of your head, pulling it back as you go. Tie it all into a ponytail. Use the lengths to create a strict, low chignon. Now work on your quiff. To give it this graphic, XXL effect, use a quiff enhancer. Backcomb your hair at the roots then slide the quiff enhancer under the front section. Cover it up carefully with your hair and secure it all at the back. Finish with a layer of hairspray to make sure your quiff doesn’t budge an inch.
© Pixelformula/Roland Mouret prêt-à-porter show, Spring-Summer 2013 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO