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The curly ponytail
The curly ponytail
The curly ponytail

The curly ponytail

We’ve stopped counting the number of different versions of the ponytail there are. Sometimes romantic, sometimes rock and sometimes retro, the ponytail can be adapted to suit all tastes and styles. Spotted at Dennis Basso and Thomas Tait, discover the curled mid-length ponytail with twisted ends!
Curled ponytail for a retro look. At Dennis Basso the curled ponytail is retro for a sophisticated, structured and very feminine style. A hairstyle reminiscent of the pin-up styles of the 50s, with its curled ponytail, waved fringe and bright blonde. The surprise comeback of retro into the world of fashion, beauty and hair is a huge hit yet again...
Create the curly ponytail. As you might have guessed, this style starts with a ponytail. To copy the style of the ponytails seen at Dennis Basso, create a parting slightly to the side and pull your hair into a low ponytail. Before you secure it in place, pull out a section of hair to work on later. Now secure with a hair band. Next, work on your mid-lengths and ends (dry) using wide-barrelled curling tongs. To do this, roll sections of hair around the tongs, making sure the hair is spread evenly along the barrel. Hold in place for a few seconds then release and allow the hair to cool. Spray a layer of hairspray over your ponytail to ensure it stays in place.
The retro touch! To complete your retro hairstyle, crimp or wave the remaining piece of hair. Backcomb slightly at the roots to add volume. Go over sections of hair again with the curling tongs to re-emphasize the movement if you wish. Style the hair using a round brush, a hairdryer and some hairspray. Finally, the last touch: make-up and lipstick. Make-up is understated. Only the lips stand out with a cute, almost orange, coral shade.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO