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Find out why coal is ideal for deep cleansing your hair
Find out why coal is ideal for deep cleansing your hair
Find out why coal is ideal for deep cleansing your hair
Hair care

The benefits of plant coal on hair


Do you think coal gets everything dirty? Think again! It is actually the perfect ingredient for washing your locks. Read on to find out more about its extraordinary effectiveness.

It deeply detoxifies your hair

Plant coal is an unparallelled ingredient for ridding your locks of impurities which have accumulated over days, making your hair dull. Due to its highly absorbing powers, it acts like a magnet for capturing particles of pollution or tobacco, residue from styling products and anything that may come into contact with your hair. Used in formulae for shampoo, it deeply detoxifies your locks, immediately purifying and restoring their shine. This active ingredient is therefore recommended if you live in a polluted urban environment in order to give you a hair detox. Your locks are sure to thank you for it!

Plant coal treats greasy scalps

Struggling to get rid of your greasy scalp ? Once again, the active ingredient coal is your best ally. It can easily replace your green clay mask to absorb excess sebum, as well as toxins, for an effectively purified greasy scalp. Its advantage over clay? It gently cleanses the skin on your scalp without drying it out. And for good reason: carbon is hydrophobic so it preserves the hydrolipidic film on your skin, whilst drawing out and capturing impurities and sebum. The result: it can be used as a daily mask or as a treatment depending on your needs, without damaging your scalp and drying out your locks.

Good to know: if you make the treatment yourself with plant coal powder, you can then use a classic shampoo or leave the mask to soak in for a few minutes before washing your hair to remove any small black bits, especially if you are blonde.

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