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How to rehydrate a dry scalp?
How to rehydrate a dry scalp?
How to rehydrate a dry scalp?
Damaged hair

Dry scalp: consequences and solutions


Both in summer and winter, the scalp is subjected to various damaging factors (changes in temperature, irritants, etc.) which diminish your hair's shine. Read on to find out how you can lessen the consequences of these phenomena.

A variety of causes

Prolonged exposure to sun or salt water , tobacco consumption, colouring treatments, anti-frizz and other straightening treatments used excessively (ammonia and hydrogen peroxide irritate the skin) and stress... Many damaging factors can dry out the scalp and disrupt sebum production.

Irritating consequences

When the scalp is damaged, itching can occur, the scalp can become red and dandruff can come loose from the dermis... The head's protective layer can be damaged, making it more sensitive to external damaging factors, often leading to micro-inflammation and skin rashes. Depending on its intensity, this condition could turn into erythema. Should this happen, you would need to make an appointment with your dermatologist so they can prescribe you a suitable treatment.

Suitable solutions

- Opt for gentle products

Cut down on the number of hairwashes per week and avoid products containing sulphates, foaming agents which irritate and dry out the skin. Also, use hairspray sparingly as its alcohol content can dry out the scalp. If you absolutely must use hairspray, never apply it directly onto the scalp, instead spray it on a few centimetres away from your roots or onto a comb.

- Protect your skin from heat

Rinse off your hair in cold water, and turn the temperature of your hairdryer down. Always use your hairdryer at least twenty centimetres away from your head.

- Pamper your scalp

At night, apply an oil mask to your scalp and massage it in gently at the roots. Choose a gentle treatment, such as the Repair and Shine Mask, for immediate soothing relief due to its antioxidant content. Rinse it out the following morning before washing your hair.

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