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Both at the pool and seaside, your hair needs to be protected.
Both at the pool and seaside, your hair needs to be protected.
Both at the pool and seaside, your hair needs to be protected.
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How to protect your hair from salt and chlorine


As salt and chlorinated water make your hair weaker, Luis Faria, our expert hairstylist, gives you tips on how to counteract their effects....Perfect for swimming all year round whilst keeping your hair strong and looking beautiful.

Salt and chlorine react differently on your hair. Salt is a naturel element and it doesn't penetrate the hair fibre. When it dries, it crystallises and clogs up your scalp's pores, often causing irritation, dryness and tightness. When it is combined with sand and sun, it can also have an abrasive effect. The result: your hair dries out and becomes dull.

"Chlorine increases the risk of breakages by deeply weakening your locks."

Luis Faria

Chlorine damages your hair in a different way. It's a chemical oxidizing agent and is coloured hair's n°1 enemy as tends to wash it out. With its blue particles, it can alter your hair's colour (especially blondes), by giving it a green tinge. It can also remove sebum, the oil which naturally protects the hair fibre.

Use a protective treatment during the day

Apply sun cream before and after each swim in the sea or pool. This will act like a protective film, essential for fighting against external damaging factors. You can also use a plant treatment with nourishing and protective properties such as shea butter or argan oil.

Adopt an effective regime

At the pool, wearing a swimming cap is the best way to protect your hair. At the beach, the best thing to do is tie your hair up. Plaits, ponytails or chignons: there are several hairstyles to go with your style which will protect your locks at the same time. Once you come out of the water, rinse your hair in clean water (even if it's tied up) until you wash your hair later that evening.

Use hydrating treatments at home

After a trying day for your hair, your strands need to be reinvigorated. As a complement to your hair regime, add in a more nourishing treatment. The ideal product? A mask enriched in keratin (an essential component for your hair). Wait for a quarter of an hour before rinsing it off. You can't beat this product for restructuring and strengthening your hair fibre long term.

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