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Give your hair a detox break before September
Give your hair a detox break before September
Give your hair a detox break before September
Hair care

My hair detox before autumn 2017


Constant styling, regular use of products and polluted environments: your hair is often put through the mill. For your hair to look its best in autumn, a detox treatment is a must. Here's how to do it.

Although hair products have multiple benefits, when you use them residue can build up on the hair fibre and can smother the scalp, making it look greasy and your locks dull, limp and lifeless. To tackle this, start afresh by following a 3-stage treatment regime, then give your hair a break to thoroughly detoxify it.

A trio of intensive treatments

A scalp scrub

This is essential for a successful hair detox, as your hair's condition depends on that of your scalp. Exfoliation allows you to purify your scalp by dislodging impurities and dead skin cells which remain stuck to it. Apply a scrub by gently massaging your scalp. Make circular movements with your fingertips to exfoliate whilst stimulating circulation and oxygenation which will help your products work more effectively.

A purifying shampoo for the hair fibre

To eliminate toxins from the roots down to the tips, use a detoxifying shampoo such as the one from Jean Louis David's Detox Me! range, which will rid your hair of pollution, dust, tobacco and styling product build-up. This build-up can weigh your hair down and weaken your locks. Always go for a paraben- and silicone-free formula, as these ingredients overload the hair fibre for nothing.

A regenerating mask for your locks

Whatever you do, don't skip the hair mask. Use a reconstructive mask which will deeply repair and strengthen the hair fibre.

A break from styling & styling products

After applying treatments, take advantage of these last few weeks of the holidays to not overload your hair with styling products. Using excessive amounts can smother the scalp and dull the shine of your locks. Also, stop the constant blow-drying and cut back on wearing your hair up which tends to damage your hair. Take advantage of this detox to let your hair down.

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